InLei® | MSDS Filler | Free Download $0.50
Lash Filler 3 MSDS Sheet.
InLei® | MSDS Lift 1 | Free Download $0.50
Brow Bomber Lift 1 MSDS sheet.
InLei® | MSDS Fix 2| Free Download $0.50
Lash Filler Fix 2 MSDS sheet.
InLei® | MSDS Form 1| Free Download $0.50
Lash Filler Form 1 MSDS sheet.
InLei® | MSDS Lock 2 | Free Download $0.50
Brow Bomber Lock 2 MSDS sheet.
InLei® | MSDS Butter 3| Free Download $0.50
Brow Bomber Butter 3 MSDS sheet.
InLei®| Informational Aftercare Flyer $20.00
50 count -- InLei® Informational Aftercare Flyer -  informational source to provide for your potential and current clients. Contains aftercare instructions for the InLei® Lash lift & Filler as well as the InLei® Brow bomber. 50 flyers included.  

*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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