INLEI® | Brow Bomber® | Step 3 | Bottle


INLEI® | Brow Bomber® | Step 3 | Bottle

Product description

Nourish and revitalize your brows with InLei® BROW BOMBER 3, the concluding step of the InLei® Brow Bomber treatment. Made with macadamia, argan, and almond oils, marigold lipo extract, and chamomile flower extract, this brow butter delivers intense hydration, shine, and a soothing effect on the skin. 100% made in Italy and eye irritation tested, this product contains easily absorbable natural oils, with no preservatives or water. Perfect for professionals, with up to 35 treatments in each 15ml airless bottle. Get the best results for your clients with InLei® BROW BOMBER 3.

Product Details: 

    • 100% Made in Italy 

    • Eye irritation tested at a well-known cell biology laboratory

    • Formula without water. Contains easily absorbable natural oils. It does not contain preservatives. Don't rinse!

    • Airless bottle, zero waste dispenser

    • For professional use only. Carefully read the leaflet.

    • Content: 15 ml (up to 35 treatments).


Do not experiment by combining different brands, as this can lead to unpredictable results.

It is absolutely forbidden to use it on eyelashes as it can cause serious eye damage.

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*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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