InLei® | Eyebrow Aftercare | Kit


InLei® | Eyebrow Aftercare | Kit

Product description

This InLei® Eyebrow Aftercare Kit is the perfect thing to send home with your clients. It is all wrapped together so no more trying to track down the product just grab and give it to your customer. 

The Kit includes 

  • InLei® Delicate Mousse Cleanser Aloe
  • InLei® Fashion Lash
  • Silicone Spoolie 
  • 1 Aftercare Card that is double-sided with Eyebrow & Eyelash Aftercare instructions 

InLei® Delicate Mousse Cleanser for Eyebrows, eyelashes, and face (Aloe)

  • gentle foaming mousse consistency
  • oil-free
  • contains Aloe extract, helps calm the skin
  • perfect for cleansing the brow area before tinting treatment
  • suitable for cleaning lashes
  • removes makeup, oils, and dust/dirt from hairs and skin


InLei®  Fashion Lash Clear Mascara — a lash serum by InLei® Not just for Eyelashes Great on Eyebrows as well!

    • Enriched with nutrients that support lashes & brows;

    • Protects lashes & brows ;

    • Supports ultimate lash & brow growth;

    • Abundant in natural oils;

    • Color: clear.

*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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