InLei® | F Plus Sanitizer


InLei® | F Plus Sanitizer

Product description

InLei® “F PLUS” - Liquid sanitizer for tools and silicone curlers.

This specific cleaning and a sanitizing solution are for all lash-maker and lami-maker materials.


100% Made in Italy Specifically for tools and InLei® silicone curlers Double function: cleans and sanitizes.

It does not need dilution Odorless formula Practical bottle of 500 ml.

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InLei® F PLUS is a ready-to-use, convenient and practical sanitizer in its 500 ml pack. 

The InLei® f plus, sanitizing agent, specially designed for cleaning InLei® silicone curlers.

 The delicate silicone does not absorb its odorless formula. Therefore it does not create inconvenience in use. A must-have for sanitizing can use it with various tools in the lash-maker / lami-maker field.

 Practical to use, ready to use. There is no dilution. With a simple immersion, we obtain deep cleaning and the reduction of bacterial load on tools.

 The InLei® F PLUS product is disposable. Change out after single use to ensure proper sanitization measures are taken. *Once it has performed its function, it becomes inactive. 

How to use:

  1. Remove any dirt from silicone tools/curlers.
  2. In case of dye or glue residues, rinse tools and curlers under running water with soap.
  3. Fully immerse the device in InLei® F PLUS. 

We recommend leaving it on for at least 15-20 minutes. Remove the material and rinse with running water. Leave to dry naturally on a disposable cloth. If necessary, after this procedure, InLei® f-plus can also sterilize both tools and curlers. 

  • Bactericidal effect = 5 minutes 

  • Fungicidal effect = 20 minutes

  •  Virucidal effect = 30 

  • minutes Sporicidal effect = 30 minutes 

  • PH 11 

Do not leave to soak beyond the indicated times. 


Contact with eyes: accidental contact of the product with the eyes can irritate. Skin Contact: A single unintentional contact is not irritating to the skin. Repeated and prolonged direct contact can decrease and irritate the skin, causing dermatitis in some cases. 

Inhalation: Prolonged exposure to vapors or mists of the product can irritate the respiratory tract. 

*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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