InLei® | F-PREMIUM BRUSH | 12 pcs


InLei® | F-PREMIUM BRUSH | 12 pcs

Product description

Introducing the InLei® F-Set Brush collection, the ultimate solution for achieving a professional, photo-worthy finish on your lash treatments. Our brushes are designed to remove product residue and separate lashes for a clean and fluffy look. Say goodbye to clumped lashes and traces of glue or tint stuck in between lashes with InLei® F-Set Brush collection.


-Removes product residue and separates lashes for a clean and fluffy look

-Available in different sizes to suit your needs

-Reusable handle for easy and effective use

-Perfect for professional lash artists and beauty enthusiasts

-Helps achieve that yummy, Instagrammable effect of fluffy and perfectly separated lashes

-Removes excess product and separates lashes for a polished finish

-A must-have tool in your arsenal for achieving perfect lashes every time

-100% made in Italy

As a professional lash artist, the InLei® F-Set Brush collection is a must-have tool in your arsenal. Achieve perfect, fluffy lashes every time with the InLei® F-Set Brush collection. Add to the cart now and elevate your lash game!

*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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