InLei® | lash filler + tint | kit


InLei® | lash filler + tint | kit

Product description

InLei® lash lift & filler kit, the ultimate solution for achieving longer, thicker, and lifted lashes. This all-in-one kit is specially designed to give you everything you need to enhance your client's natural lashes, making them appear fuller and more defined. Whether your clients have short or long lashes, this kit is suitable for all.

The InLei® lash lift & filler + tint kit is clinically tested and proven to increase lash thickness by an average of 24% in just three sessions. This long-lasting treatment will give you results that last the life of your lashes.

The kit includes a wide range of high-quality InLei® products to ensure you achieve the best possible results. The full list of products included in the kit are:

  • InLei® Shiny Black Tint
  • InLei® FORM 1
  • InLei® FIX 2
  • InLei® FILLER 3
  • InLei® TOTAL Curlers (8 pairs of different curlers)
  • InLei® Developer Cream
  • InLei® HELPER (1pcs)
  • InLei® Picasso Brush
  • InLei® Solo Bowl
  • InLei® Lash Filler Tool

Transform your natural lashes and achieve salon-worthy results at home with the InLei® lash lift & filler kit. Order now and experience the difference!

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