InLei® | Professional Brush | Leonardo


InLei® | Professional Brush | Leonardo

Product description

A professional brush that caters to every Lash Artist's needs. Try it to believe it! Use it to apply InLei® Form1 and Fix2 to lashes, and you'll never look back. Its slender tip creates a product line of ideal width, precise to the half-millimeter, so fine it appears to be drawn by hand. The InLei® LEONARDO brush has been meticulously designed and crafted to satisfy the utmost precision that lash artists seek.

Quality: Crafted with precision in Italy, this brush is synonymous with excellence.

Water and Disinfection Resistant: Engineered to withstand water and disinfection without a hitch.

Angled Tip: Durable, with perfectly balanced softness, color retention, and elasticity.

Soft and Ultra-Thin Bristles for True Artistry: Ideal for intricate work.

Two-Tone Synthetic Bristles: Ensure even product distribution without unnecessary absorption.

Innovative Satin Black Wooden Handle: Crafted from birch wood, it exudes elegance.

Nickel-Plated Brass Ring with Double Crimping: Ensuring both durability and precision.

Lightweight, Practical, and Durable: This brush is built to last.

Ergonomically Designed: Its dimensions provide maximum comfort and precision.

Contents: 1 brush

Usage Tips: Ideal for applying lash lamination substances.

Elevate your lash artistry with the InLei LEONARDO Professional Angled Brush. Crafted with Italian precision and designed for artists who demand excellence. Unlock your lash artistry's full potential with this exceptional tool today!

Brought to you from Italy, the InLei® Leonardo Professional Brush is the perfect tool for any Lash Artist. With its slender tip and precision down to the half-millimeter, it creates a product line of ideal width, as if drawn by hand. The brush has been crafted with excellence and engineered to resist water and disinfection. Its angled tip is durable and soft, offering true artistry with soft and ultra-thin bristles. Unleash true artistry with the InLei® Leonardo!

ATTENTION! Double-dipping spreads infection! Use with InLei® SOLO bowl (3 PCS) for BEST industry practice.

*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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