InLei® | Brow Bomber | Premium Kit


InLei® | Brow Bomber | Premium Kit

Product description is your destination for the best brow products online. With the Premium Brow Bomber kit, you can get the perfect applications every time! This kit includes:

  • InLei® Brow Lift 1 Bottle

  • InLei® Brow Lock 2 Bottle

  • InLei® Brow Bomber 3 Bottle

  • InLei® LamiCa

  • InLei® Saline Pre-treatment

  • InLei® Black Thread

  • InLei® Leonardo Brush

  • InLei® Mousse Cleanser

  • InLei® Softies

  • InLei ® Tweezers

*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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