InLei® | SOFTIES | Application Brushes


InLei® | SOFTIES | Application Brushes

Product description

Introducing the InLei® SOFTIES Application Brushes, the ideal tool for all your precision eyelash and brow lamination treatments. The 1.5 cm microfiber tip is designed to provide a soft and gentle touch, making it perfect for even the most sensitive skin. The soft microfiber tip is lint-free, ensuring your treatments remain hygienic and precise.

These brushes are an essential part of any professional beautician's toolkit. They are perfect for degreasing natural lashes before eyelash extensions, applying the remover when removing the whole set, and refining and fixing the eyelash application during the Lash Filler treatment. With InLei® SOFTIES, you can correct any errors during the application of the glue, ensuring a perfect result every time.

InLei® SOFTIES help you refine and fix the eyelash application during the Lash Filler treatment, creating a professional look that will leave your clients in awe. They also help you clean up tint residues and any residue from the skin, making them a versatile tool for all your eyelash treatments.

Each package contains 50 disposable brushes, packed in an elegant dustproof box for easy storage. The plastic handle and white microfiber tip are of the highest quality, ensuring durability and longevity. These brushes are hygienic, practical, and performing, making them a must-have for all professional lash stylists. Order your InLei® SOFTIES today and elevate your beauty treatments to the next level.

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