InLei® | White Mapping Thread


InLei® | White Mapping Thread

Product description

Elevate your brow design to new heights with InLei® White Thread, the architectural thread infused with a pristine white hue suitable for both light and dark skin tones. Crafted from delicate bamboo fiber, this ultra-thin thread is generously saturated with ink, allowing for the creation of crisp, defined lines without the need for excessive pressure.

Each thread segment effortlessly traces over 10 lines before ink depletion, enabling approximately 70/95 treatments per bottle. Tailor your approach to each client or master's preference, ensuring a personalized experience.

This thread proves to be the ultimate tool for designing eyebrow arch shapes with extreme precision, harmonizing seamlessly with facial features. Essential for InLei® Brow Bomber treatments, henna coloring, and semi-permanent makeup applications.

The white color facilitates the creation of a clean and well-defined preparatory design, Instagram-ready and devoid of smudges or greasiness. Simplify your work and ensure professional, hyper-precise results in just a few steps.

Encased in an elegant and durable glass packaging, InLei® White Thread guarantees the perfect preservation of the thread, remaining consistently saturated and never drying out over time. The glass container securely locks the pre-inked thread, ensuring a pristine and organized workspace. Transform your brow design experience with InLei® White Thread – where precision meets purity.

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