InLei® | Daily Aftercare


InLei® | Daily Aftercare

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Suggested Retail $90-$120

 InLei® Daily Care, is the ultimate kit for maintaining healthy and happy lashes and brows. This comprehensive set includes four essential products to keep your clients' eye contours looking youthful and rejuvenated.

First, there's the InLei MiAmi Eye Contour Cream, a rich and creamy formula infused with peptides for anti-aging action. This easily absorbent cream helps to reduce puffiness and erase signs of aging from the eyes, giving them a fresh and youthful look.

Next, there's the InLei Soft Peeling Exfoliant, an essential step in any skincare routine before applying permanent or semi-permanent treatments. This exfoliant clears impurities and prepares the skin to better absorb various products, while also hydrating and exfoliating the skin.

For a finishing touch, there's the InLei Frida Mascara, a nourishing formula that enhances the look of lashes and works well with or without a lash lift. This mascara glides on smoothly without clumps, and its ingredients and brush design help to protect and strengthen lash hair.

Finally, there's the InLei Delicate Aloe Mousse Cleanser, a gentle yet effective way to remove all traces of makeup from the eyebrows, lashes, and eyes.

With all of these products in one convenient kit, the InLei Daily Care set is a must-have for anyone looking to maintain healthy and beautiful lashes and brows.

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