InLei | Daily Aftercare

InLei | Daily Aftercare

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InLei Daily Care
Everything your client needs in one pack. With InLei's daily care you have a one-stop kit to provide the aftercare to ensure your client's lashes and brows stay happy and healthy. 
Suggested Retail $90-$120

InLei MiAmi is an Eye contour cream by InLei® with a rich and creamy formula for deep rejuvenation. It has peptides with anti-aging action that are easily absorbent and give the eyes a younger and fresh look. One magic of removing all the puffiness and every anti-aging sign from eyes is present. 

InLei Soft Peeling Exfoliant. The face's surface should get cleaned entirely before applying any product for permanent or semi-permanent treatments. InLei® worked on the concern and formed a great solution called Soft Peeling. It simply clears the impurities and readies the skin to absorb various products.

 The exfoliation it gives to your client's skin is noteworthy and hydrates. If you want to know more, continue the reading.

InLei Frida Mascara has all the plus factors to add charm to your pretty eyes. It enhances the looks and goes best with or without the lash lift. It glides smoothly and does not leave any clumps on the eyelashes. The application of the product is not limited to including the tint. 

The ingredients of the mascara and the brush's design help protect the hair. One of the vital roles is to heal and strengthen eyelash hair.

InLei® Delicate Aloe Mousse Cleanser works perfectly for removing all the makeup from your eyebrows, lashes, and eyes.


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