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InLei | Forma | Shields

Product description


InLei® products are considered the best on the market due to their unique features and high-quality materials.

The half-moon shape and notches on the upper edge allow for a precise and customized fit for each individual, ensuring a perfect lash lift every time. The glossy surface in contact with the skin improves adhesion, making the treatment more comfortable and effective.

The fact that they are made of 100% hypoallergenic platinum silicone, a material known for its safety and durability, is another factor that sets them apart from other lash lift shields.

Additionally, they can be easily sanitized and sterilized, ensuring that they are always clean and ready for use. All of these factors make InLei Forma Shields the go-to choice for professionals, ensuring the best possible lash lift experience.

Key Features :

  • Half-moon shape allows for a customized fit for each individual
  • Notches on upper edge for precise and accurate placement
  • Glossy surface for improved adhesion and comfort
  • Suitable for various lash lengths with no "petals" or creases
  • Made of 100% hypoallergenic platinum silicone for safety and durability
  • Can be easily sanitized and sterilized for clean and hygienic use

*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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