InLei - LASH FIX 2- LASH FIXING - 9x1.2 ML - 25.9 series


InLei - LASH FIX 2- LASH FIXING - 9x1.2 ML - 25.9 series

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* NEW * 

InLei ® Lash Filler 25% volume + 9% length (25.9) Vegan Keratin System

9 - 1.2 ml Sachets 

Introducing the next level of lash lifting with InLei® Lash Fix 2, the essential second step in the groundbreaking InLei® lash filler premium 25.9 vegan keratin lash lifting system. Exclusively designed for salons committed to excellence and sustainability, this vital product elevates your lash lifting services to unmatched levels of perfection.

Continual Nourishment: Each sachet of InLei® Lash Fix 2 not only shapes the desired curl but also provides ongoing nourishment to ensure lashes stay healthy and vibrant.

Secure and Neutralize: Infused with silicone curlers, this formula securely holds and neutralizes lash curvature, delivering enduring stability and definition.

Clinically Proven Formula: Crafted in Italy, InLei® Lash Fix 2 features a clinically proven formula tailored for professional use, ensuring both efficacy and safety.

Certified Vegan: With its vegan keratin formulation, it aligns seamlessly with ethical beauty standards, delivering exceptional performance without compromise.

After applying InLei® LASH FORM 1, incorporate InLei® LASH FIX 2 to enhance your client's natural lashes. Follow up with InLei® LASH FILL 3 for nourished, longer, and thicker lashes that your clients will love.

*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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