InLei® | Silicone Shields | 'ONE' | L1 6 Pair


InLei® | Silicone Shields | 'ONE' | L1 6 Pair

Product description

InLei® “ONE” - L1 shields
-  is the most used curvature ever for medium-long eyelashes

- the curler is made of soft silicone

- choosing the right one for your customer you have to measure the length of the eyelashes that must exceed half of the curler but the tip must not be in the fold part

- the L1 curler gives a natural but at the same time visible effect

- the natural version of size L

100% Made in Italy

PLATINIC silicone (one of a kind), autoclavable!

Size: L1

*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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