InLei® | Silicone Shield | 'ONE' | Small


InLei® | Silicone Shield | 'ONE' | Small

Product description

InLei® "ONE" - silicone curlers size S

- the S measure of the "perfect curl" line will help you to work on even the shortest eyelashes

- size S is ideal for short lashes because it allows you to align the eyelashes that grow even crossed or down

- this measure gives a pronounced curvature, despite the minimum length of eyelashes, and finally causes eyelashes to be clearly visible on the eye

- use it with Lash Filler products to thicken and visibly lengthen the hair in just three treatments

- PLATINIC silicone (one of a kind), autoclavable!

- Platinum silicone: hypoallergenic, delicate and soft, unique and we can boast of 8 different forms

- InLei® curlers are non-deformable, resistant, soft, smooth and enveloping

- their shape completely envelops the client's eye without giving feelings of annoyance, without weighing it down and without stinging.


6 pairs per box

Made in Italy  

For professional use only

*Professional Use Only *

These products are for licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

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